It Pays To Be Part of The Club: Memberships and MCLE Discounts

MCLE Discounts

So you are finally understanding and accepting the fact that California has a mandatory MCLE requirement. Now here is a little tip that is going to make this process even better: the membership discounts!

There are many different organizations that offer some sort of discount when it comes to MCLE courses. At a time when you are probably still trying to stay afloat from your law school loans, a discount here and there can seem like a life raft.  

Moreover, not only can a membership offer MCLE discounts, but you are also looking at countless other benefits such as hotel, travel, insurance, and office discounts (just to name a few).

But remember, you have to pay to belong. So you may be asking yourself is a membership really worth the discounts and benefits that come along with the association? The answer is a definite and simple yes.

It is important to keep in mind that an investment in a membership is an investment in your future as an attorney. Not only do you receive countless discounts on MCLE programs, but a membership also provides a wide array of opportunities; such as advancing your legal knowledge, gaining exposure and experience, as well as networking with top attorneys and judges in the area.

American Bar Association

For starters, the American Bar Association offers a monthly program known as the ABA Free CLE Series. This course allows members the opportunity to receive free continuing legal education credits. In fact, an ABA member can earn up to 18 hours of free CLE credit every year through the ABA’s programs. When you are required to complete 25 hours of MCLE every 3 years, the opportunity for free credit that an ABA membership can offer is one that you will not want to pass up.  

Moreover, the courses offered by the ABA feature some of the most prominent legal experts of today.

If that is not enough to convince you to become a member, the American Bar Association also offers countless other discounts on things you use everyday. For instance, the ABA offers office supply discounts, which allow you to ensure your office runs smoothly while still saving money. Or maybe you are in need of a vacation. Well good news, the ABA also offers discounts with airfare, car rentals, and hotels. Or maybe you feel like it is time to “treat yo self.” The ABA also offers discounts for the purchase or lease of a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Beverly Hills Bar Association

“Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be.” Following in the wise words of Weezer, you can now make those lyrics a reality with a Beverly Hills Bar Association membership. And good news! You can reap the Beverly Hills benefits without even having to live or practice in the area. In fact, many of the members of the BHBA live and work throughout the Los Angeles region and even beyond the county.

All BHBA members receive 18 hours of free MCLE credit by logging into your account and clicking “Access Your Free 18 Hours of MCLE.” It is that simple to reap the benefits of this membership.

To give you an idea of the benefits associated with the Beverly Hills Bar Association, some of the price distinctions of members vs. non-members are depicted below:

  • Non-Members of the Beverly Hills Bar Association:
    • $100 – Practice Area Directory Listing
    • $399 – 18 hours of MCLE OnDemand
    • $225 – Bar Center & Online Programs
    • $215 – Brown Bag Programs
    • $100 – Networking Events
    • $300 – Lawyer Referral Service Membership
  • Members of the Beverly Hills Bar Association:
    • Free – Unlimited Practice Area Sections & Committees
    • Free – Practice Area Directory Listing
    • Free – 18 hours of MCLE OnDemand
    • $25 – Bar Center & Online Programs
    • Free – Networking Events
    • $150 – Lawyer Referral Service Membership

So essentially, you are looking at major savings. In fact, the membership has a value of $1,149.00, which you could get for only $45.75 a month.

Orange County Bar Association

When you think of Orange County, do you instantly get flashbacks to scenes from The O.C.? No? Just me… Never mind then.

Not only is Orange County the home to one of my favorite television shows, but it is also the place for considerable benefits offered by the Orange County Bar Association. The OCBA is a State Bar approved provider for your CLE needs, where they offer a series of seminars, workshops, and programs designed to meet your MCLE needs.  

One of the major benefits of becoming an OCBA section member is that you will earn MCLE credit basically free. Most of the 25 sections offered by the Orange County Bar Association meet monthly to provide MCLE credit in the form of 45 minute to 1 hour programs. The best part of this membership, there is no charge to the section member for attending the program for the MCLE credit!

Moreover, following in the American Bar Association’s footsteps, the OCBA also offers its members benefits on wireless service, shipping, car rentals, insurance, and numerous other discounts.

Pasadena Bar Association

Another membership that offers numerous benefits in regards to MCLE is the one connected with the Pasadena Bar Association. The PBA is determined in providing its members quality MCLE programs at a reasonable price. You can find that throughout the year they offer numerous MCLE programs within the Pasadena area. Moreover, Pasadena Bar Association members receive substantial discounts on purchases of PBA’s audio-recorded programs.  

There are many other associations that offer membership benefits, so finding the right one for you is just an easy Internet click away. Ultimately, it does in fact pay to belong and your membership to an association is the step in the right direction towards success.

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