It Pays To Be Part of The Club: Memberships and MCLE Discounts

MCLE Discounts

So you are finally understanding and accepting the fact that California has a mandatory MCLE requirement. Now here is a little tip that is going to make this process even better: the membership discounts! There are many different organizations that offer some sort of discount when it comes to MCLE courses. At a time when


California MCLE

California MCLE

The Golden State has Golden Opportunities for MCLE Want to know why all the kids are saying that the west coast is the best coast? I’ll give you a hint: it has a lot to do with the MCLE options available in California. Obviously. California’s Requirements I hate to break it to you, you can


How to choose an MCLE provider

How to choose an mcle provider

When the Possibilities are Endless, How Do You Choose the Right Provider For You?   The time has come. You made it through your first 3 years of practicing law (or just another 3 years have passed for those who have been in the law game for a while) and now the lurking obligation of


MCLE: What every attorney needs to know


MCLE stands for Minimum Continuing Legal Education. MCLE is the approved continuing legal education that is required of all California attorneys. As a California attorney, you are required to complete 25 hours of approved credit every three years. There are various courses that an attorney can take to satisfy the MCLE requirement. Attorneys can attend


The Knowledge, The Food, and The Networking Perks of MCLE

Perks of MCLE

If you talk to any experienced lawyer (well even some of the new comers too), you will find that conversations about MCLE are filled with disdain and unpopularity.  But remember, it really doesn’t have to be this dreaded experience that leaves you in a panic towards the end of the 3 year due date. Yes,


What MCLE means for your wallet

The cost of MCLE

You passed the bar! (Yay!) Now what?  You’ll soon find out the answer to that question is the mandatory completion of 25 hours of MCLE credit every 3 years and not only that, you will have to pay for it. Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements are designed to maintain an attorney’s knowledge of the


How to choose an MCLE course

choose mcle course

With so many MCLE courses being offered online and around the country, it’s tough to decide which avenue to use in order to best complete your credit requirements.  In this article we’ll look at some of the most popular MCLE courses and compare and contrast the different programs to provide you with the information to


MCLE and Me: What Does It Mean To Continue Your Legal Education?

mcle continuing legal education

MCLE, also known as the Minimum Continuing Legal Education, refers to the approved continuing education required of all California attorneys. Subject to a few variations of the standard requirement, it cannot be avoided. Every 3 years, an attorney must complete a total of 25 hours of approved credit. It’s like clockwork. Now you may find


When Judges Start to Litigate


A litigator needs to be in control of her case the way a racecar driver needs to be in control of the wheel. Nobody knows the twists and turns of the track better than the lawyer who has spent months or years and hundreds or thousands of hours sorting through the facts, researching the precedents,


The Utility of Litigating like a *Good Guy


Like the concept of heaven, being a *good litigator (the asterisk denotes the “boy scout” polite, upstanding, fair, and kind meaning of “good” as opposed to the “brain surgeon” superior, skilled, and effective one) is often framed in terms of future rewards. Judge Einhorn waxes rapturously about lawyers who’ve earned a judge’s sympathy: “Lawyers like